Superman at Toys R US NYC

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by Mogwai2112, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Well I live in NYC and went to TRU in times square and lo and behold, the "man of steels" costume was on display for all to see. I am going to and All Media Screening this thursday at Sony Lincon Square on 68th street at 5pm :) We'll point being I will be in the area and will go back to TRU to take some pictures of the suit and cape, and boots. I am not the best picture taker in the world and my camera is a cannon powershot 250 that can do 3.2megapixels. Now what flavor would you guys like the shots taken in? 1024x768 ot 1600x1200? I will also take pictures of all the kryptonite shards that are there too. BTW the suit is beautiful. Fellow Rpfer's let me know what you think. Also if you want a particular shot of the suit please post here and I will do my very best to make everyone happy. BTW I am sooo excited to see this movie, it my dear superman fans has been a long wait.

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    HELLZS yeah. My request is that you GO NUTS. a couple of folks have taken and posted pictures, but usually only one or two. Since it's digital, I think you should take as many as you can. All angles, close ups, distance shots, whatever.

    I personally am very curious about the seam lines. Where are they on the legs? Where are they on the torso and arms? Etc. Would also love some straight on shots of the S symbol and the neck line. A couple shots from behind to see cape length would be great too.

    Oh, and document the hell out of the boots too. Every angle.

    If it turns out to be too many photos to post (which Im hoping it will be) I'll gladly pay to have a CD put together and shipped out to me. I'll even throw in a few bucks for your time.

    Thanks a billion for offering this.

    Oh, a question for you also. Find out if the little squares on the blue part are textured, or if they're flat. it's almost impossible for me to tell from the pics. And does the reflection off them change as you move.


    And please take them in the highest resolution your camera can muster.
  3. thuth

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    ...what Matt said.
  4. Probe Droid

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    I was thinking up hiking up there myself, and I do take good pix, so I'll shoot a bunch as well with my D50 6.2 mg.
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    See if you can get a good shot of the lining. When I was there, I swore the edges are darker than the middle, Even hit the display with a LED penlight, color didn't change. Also, the capes mold mus had been peices together, if you look around the elbow, you will see a slight mismatch in the texture on bothe sides of the cape exterior. Nitt picky? Sure, but it gives some more clues to the construction.
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    Take at least 50 pictures... m'kay? ;)
  7. houdiniguy

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    Take a GAZILLION.



    Thanks in advance for this offer.

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