Superman at Toys R US NYC

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by Mogwai2112, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Well I live in NYC and went to TRU in times square and lo and behold, the "man of steels" costume was on display for all to see. I am going to and All Media Screening this thursday at Sony Lincon Square on 68th street at 5pm :) We'll point being I will be in the area and will go back to TRU to take some pictures of the suit and cape, and boots. I am not the best picture taker in the world and my camera is a cannon powershot 250 that can do 3.2megapixels. Now what flavor would you guys like the shots taken in? 1024x768 ot 1600x1200? I will also take pictures of all the kryptonite shards that are there too. BTW the suit is beautiful. Fellow Rpfer's let me know what you think. Also if you want a particular shot of the suit please post here and I will do my very best to make everyone happy. BTW I am sooo excited to see this movie, it my dear superman fans has been a long wait.

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    ...what Matt said.
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    I was thinking up hiking up there myself, and I do take good pix, so I'll shoot a bunch as well with my D50 6.2 mg.
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    See if you can get a good shot of the lining. When I was there, I swore the edges are darker than the middle, Even hit the display with a LED penlight, color didn't change. Also, the capes mold mus had been peices together, if you look around the elbow, you will see a slight mismatch in the texture on bothe sides of the cape exterior. Nitt picky? Sure, but it gives some more clues to the construction.
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    Take at least 50 pictures... m'kay? ;)
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    Take a GAZILLION.



    Thanks in advance for this offer.

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