Unlimited Run Superior Spiderman Gauntlets (Bracers) - 2 styles


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I was commissioned to make a set of Superior Spiderman gauntlets for a costume. Now depending on the artist, these are drawn a bunch of different ways so I just chose the style I liked the best :)

They are approx 15cm long and about 5mm at the thickest spot. I cast them in 50 shore urethane rubber and brushed the mold with aluminum powder to give the surface a bit more of a metallic look. The gem is cast in smooth on 325 resin which is translucent so if you wanted to add an LED behind it to light up, you could.

The advantage of making them flexible is that you can glue them right to your suit if you wanted, or you have the option of adding straps or magnets to attach them as well.

They will be $60 USD + shipping for a pair of them.



I now have a second style to choose from. They are cast in 3 pieces in the same urethane rubber with the same resin gem. Price for these is also $60 USD + shipping per set.

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Re: Superior Spiderman Gauntlets (Bracers)

Oh man! I think once I get my superior suit done that I'm working on I'll have to invest in these. Looks great.
These look awesome, TJack! Seeing these makes me reconsider wanting to buy a classic Spider-Man suit and get a Superior Spider-Man instead. Nice job! :thumbsup
Bump this for interest - I have some new Superior frames (original style with the "goggle" lenses) that will be available very soon :)
Are these still available? I don't have a Superior suit but would love to get one eventually and these obviously would go great with it.
I'll be grabbing some HD photos once my suit is finished for this thread. The gauntlets far surpassed my expectations. They look amazing on my new superior.
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