Supergirl (CW, Smallville and OG versions)


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Hi guys.
I've been working on some different versions of Supergirl (I already have the 1st version of her CW suit) and I wanted to share them with you all.
I made the season 5 suit of hers, but I hated the result, so I decided to do it again, but that concept art version that came online a few days ago (1st pic, I've done the logo already and the templates).
I'm also making the Smallville comics Supergirl suit. I just loved it so much, I think it would be beautiful in live action. (I started with the logo and now I'm working on the patterns)
And for a 3rd version, I've designed my own version of Black and silver suit, inspired both on her Red Daughter suit design and Henry Cavill's ZSJL suit.
I'll be updating this thread with some pics and after I'm done with them, the finished work.



The logos I've done:

SV SG.png

SG CW.jpg

my design for black and silver version:

SG OG.png

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