Super Mario Bros Inspired Stomper Boots.

Wes R

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This build is Starfighter29's fault for posting pics of the boots used in the movie and actually I'd probably not even have gotten started if he hadn't been patient in answering my questions. A bit of a warning though: these aren't going to be screen accurate. To me these are something that could have been made in the movie's universe over the last 20+ years as technology changed.
This is going to be a long build between making the parts and actually getting them cast and then put together while finishing my current short term projects. I like the cast iron look of the blue foam mats from Walmart everyone uses (and i have 5 of them from a failed armor build) so I'm going to make a lot of the pieces out of them, seal them and then cast them. So far I have the boots, i took off the old soles, and some parts for the side pistons that I'm going to mold and eventually cast.
I'm trying to keep it as cheap and simple a build as possible. I'm tempted to make a giant game style Goomba to wear them eventually as they're too small for my feet. :lol
All the pics I have now are of the boots:




And of the two bolts I'm casting for the pistons. I decided to have some fun and work in some other game characters so the pistons will be made by the Hammer Bros thus I'm using the normal hammer for the top bolt insignia and the Sledge Bro hammer for the bottom. Not my best work but after seeing some of the logos coming out of a machine shop i worked at I figured it would work. Still might add the initials H.B. on them if i can sculpt them well.


I have to cure the sculpty on the bolts and then coat it with super glue to make sure it stays stuck. Probably use my heat gun as it's so thin it isn't worth boiling water for it.
Here's my progress so far on the Thwomp emblem for the sole of the boot. I am probably going to put it in the fridge to stiffen before i do more work as it's pretty soft at the moment.

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HA! this is gonna be fun to watch! keep up the great work.

there's a killer super mario movie fansite with a ton of interviews and articles. maybe? whatever it is, i blew an entire saturday night reading. the nostalgia was flowing that night!

Wes R

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I'm also going to be making a Bullet Bill type round to power it but I was thinking of making it hold more than one that way you can do more than one jump. So far the only thing the right scale like in the movie for that is a glue stick.

Wes R

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Starfighter29 told me what they were but I forget and I didn't write them down. I looked into getting a pair but they're usually in really bad shape.

Wes R

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I'm hoping to work on the Thwomp on the soles of the boots if i can find the wooden blank i mad. I might have to make another one. I'm replacing the usual boring spikes on it with the type you see on dog collars and i'll cast those up.


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Glad to see you're getting off to a great start on this project, Wes!

As d_osborn mentioned above, there is a great SMB movie site you might enjoy checking out if you haven't done so already. I know the fans over on that site would thoroughly enjoy seeing your progress on this project if you'd like to post on the forum there as well.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive -- Main Page

Look forward to seeing your updates!

Wes R

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That site just paid off with that design sketch of the boots already. Gives me some ideas once i look at it more. i need to get to the basement today and cure these parts with the heat gun and then give them a coat of glue. On a side note the toy Devo gun Ertl made after the movie looks an awful lot like the SNES light gun. That site had a tough security question, I had to google movie quotes lol
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Wes R

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Small update. Wouldn't you know it I ran out of spikes with 4 to go. Not sure if it's worth buying another 12 of them, if the seller has more, or just doing a fast mold and making them out of fiberglass resin since it's going to get molded anyhow.
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