Super Girl build


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Take two cause spot the newbie! I posted on the wrong thread haha.

i have been working on a Super Girl for the last few months. It was originally meant to be my cheaper, back up costume but I (legitimately) have OCD and was totally kidding myself.

I didn’t want to pick from one particular version of super girl, I’m cherry picking my favourite elements. This was my original costume sketch:
My main influences: Stanley Lau’s Super Girl, the CW Super Girl, and art by Jukka

I originally wanted to attempt to make the suit myself, but painting the Lycra was an absolute disaster. I also felt really, teenagey in the more turquoise blue colours chose. After wasting lots of time I decided to cut my losses and commission the leotard part of the suit. I figure I can always cut the leotard to a crop later if I want. I chose House of J Customs and he was a dream to work to with.

Designing the suit:
I opted for really subtle muscle shading, the CW armour pattern rather than MoS, and tweaked the emblem so t was bigger than shown here. I was really worried the suit wouldn’t so good since I’ve just had a baby, but I love it.

The logo is slightly more pink than I thought it would be which has made finding fabric a bit hard. I did consider micro suede, but want something more lightweight for a convention.


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It looks great! I'd never have guessed you just had a baby, so no need to be self conscious. The emblem is a little light, you might want to paint the red with fabric paint to get a deeper red.


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It looks great! I'd never have guessed you just had a baby, so no need to be self conscious. The emblem is a little light, you might want to paint the red with fabric paint to get a deeper red.
It is a little pinker than I thought it would be, but the fabric I found for the skirt is red with a matte pink sheen (sort of) so it kind of tones in. I was thinking maybe finding some clear puff paint and mixing it with a brighter red so the lovely shading still shows through...

very nice job lets see the rest of it how are you doing the boots
At this point my plan is to make boot covers with the same fabric from the skirt, but for the up coming convention I might just buy a pair of over the knee red boots and cut to shape.

It looks really good!
Thank you! This is my first serious costume rather than a rip ***** and bust job haha.


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I’ve decided for the skirt and cape (and hopefully boots) I am going to use the Ultrapreme cosplay fabric. It hangs nicely but is super heavy and (I hope) won’t be as hot as a twill or macrosuede at a convention. I’ve found a place that does macrosuede in NZ, so will get some later for my winter cape. The down side is ultrapreme is about $40 a meter and I think I will be using about 5m all up.

I actually had a hard time choosing which skirt to choose from the comics/movie/tv show. Well, almost. The CW skirt was definitely a no - I really can’t stand it. I love the ruffley effect of the cropped blue costume, but think it would only work with a cropped top. Otherwise we are stepping into very early Supergirl territory ..
I’m definitely a classic red skirt girl.

after a few trial and errors trying skirt styles, I made a skirt based off one of my old SAB ballet skirts (an oval version of a circle skirt where the front and back are longer and the sides are shorter.

It looked awesome and got the ruffley effect, a bit of a nod the the SG movie and most of the comics.

Can you believe I’m actually wearing fake tan here? The skirt fit great over my street clothes, but was wayyy to big over he leotard and fell down any time I moved. This was after cutting the hip/waist quite a bit smaller than my measurements.

with the leotard:


For take two of the skirt im also going to make it about an inch shorter all around. I’m also debating whether or not to make a waistband,attach directly to the leotard, or attach to the belt.

hope like it!