Super 8 Movie Discussion Thread

Is it your review ive just read on FB ? if it is then its spurred me on to make sure i go see this on the big screen.

great review :thumbsup

Yep, that was me. Hope you dig it.
I'll copy my posts here for the non-facebookers:

It was incredible. Smart, emotional, beautifully structured. Worth seeing in cinemas, without a doubt.

Alright, no spoilers. While some may be disappointed by the amount of "sci-fi" content, I'm delighted by how much they were able to include naturally over the course of the story. It is, after all, a story about a father and son overcoming loss.

The adventure they confront (like the dragons of myth) is most effective as a representation of their conflict and instigator of their journey. Not loosing the metaphor to the details, I found myself absolutely loving what the movie had to say.
I've seen it - I thought it was terrific. It reminded me of an old-school Spielberg movie in many ways, blending eye-popping action and sci-fi with the very human elements of loss and discovery.

A must-see cinema movie.
Saw it in IMAX today and had a great time. It also reminded me of old school Spielberg. It will more than likely be the only film, this summer, I go back to the theatre and see again. Great story and characters. This is a movie in the line ET, the Goonies, and Jaws.
Might be a little intense for younger kids.
That shot where they get out of the car at the station before the train comes through looks like something from the saucer-watchers scene in CE3K.
Just got back. Really wanted this not to suck. And it doesn't. But I'm still a bit disappointed. Despite good casting, there just wasn't enough great moments between the characters. Not enough humor. Suspense is great in places though he uses the same rhythm: Drops sound to low level... BOOM! Something big attacks/flies through frame/ etc.

Don't get me wrong, it's well worth seeing. The whole idea of JJ Abrams doing an homage to 70's Spielberg sure sounded like a cool idea on paper. But in the end I didn't feel connected enough to the characters to really be INTO the film.

Though I will say, the spectacular train derailment sequence is worth the price of admission alone... and Elle Fanning is good, as is the boy playing Joe. The other kids are paper thin characters. Wish Spielberg had directed this himself with a better script.
Loved it. It reminded me of the same feeling of watching ET for the first time or Close Entcounters of the Third Kind. Its about setting up the context without delving too far into explanation, simple characters and an overarching developing story. This is the way movies used to be done and am so glad to see it make a brief presence.

Did anyone notice all the JJ'isms... no, not talking about the lens flares, but the name of the gas station... even the Slusho reference!
That movie was a blast and IMO, definitely deserved to have the amblin logo appear before it started. I totally got that goonies vibe from their little gang, only more serious and definitely reminded me of CE3k.

While he definitely went overkill on the lens flare, I was so engrossed in the movie that I didn't notice them half the time.

Went to the AVX showing of this and the train derailment scene was insane, the theater was rumbling for like a good 5 minutes.
Yeah, saw the gas station "Kelvin".
Also, I'm pretty sure that he sound FX for the oxygen tank that exploded after the train crash was the same one used in Jaws.
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