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    Has anyone done one of these? I recently watched some episodes with a friend and we thought it would be fun to eventually go to a convention as Supaidaman and Professor Monster. I do have a Spider-Man costume, but this one does have slight differences, mainly smaller eyes plus the front and back spiders seem different as well. Plus there's that Spider Bracelet he wears.

    I haven't found any evidence online that anyone has ever done this costume, and I certainly have never seen this one at a convention.

    As I currently have another costume in the works, I'm not in the market for this at the moment but was wondering if anyone has ever done one of these and if anyone COULD do one of these, for me, at least at some future date. I could just ask to have a Spider Bracelet fashioned and wear it with the red and blue costume I already own but that would feel like cheating.

    Thanks for any help.


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