Sunshot hand cannon from Destiny 2


I started working on my Sunshot model months ago and got to a stage I could write about it a bit.
I used the game's low poly model and added details. I wanted to make my life much harder so I added a basic trigger action, cylinder hinge and separated all the different colored parts for a more "realistic" look and maybe easier paint job in the future. I try to use tiny screws and magnets to hold pieces together, without adding more detail to the gun as in the game but its almost unavoidable at places and still not sure if all will work out. (waiting on magnets and a tiny allen key right now to put in some M2 grub screws)

My trigger assembly test:

I also decided to do a prototype print because I knew things will change. And they did. many parts have been modified since all the grey parts were printed.

IMAG0894.jpg IMAG0897.jpg IMAG0948.jpg

IMAG0960.jpg IMAG0962.jpg IMAG0964.jpg

I started printing out the parts in color now (gold, black, white) but I still need to model in all the little engravings all over the gun. It would be nice to get the in game texture for that to be more accurate.
I also need to figure out how to hold that little perforated part in the middle of the barrel.


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Looking great!! My girlfriend and I are doing Destiny 2 costumes for Halloween, and she bought a Sunshot kit off Etsy that looked quite nice fresh off the 3D printer--but it's a static piece. Your trigger mechanism is a great addition, and well-engineered!


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Looks great! This is on my to-do projects list, but I've been putting it off as my printer is A) too small to do the bigger bits in one go, and B) currently broken :). Excited to see how this one turns out!


some bad pictures of the parts printed in "color"

currently working on all the engravings on the body. its a slow and tedious process.



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