Suits - Mike Ross suits, shirts, and messenger bag?


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So my wife and I are hooked on the new USA show, Suits.

I'm really digging Mike Ross's (Patrick Adams) wardrobe, but I'm having difficulty finding any information on it.

Does any happen to know what brand of suits he wears? Any info on his dress shirts, ties, and messenger bag would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

With Suits having just returned and continuing to gain popularity, I was hoping someone may have some more information on this.


Well, I know Harvey tends to wear Tom Ford suits. As for Mike's wardrobe, I'm not sure they've ever mentioned publicly their preferred label for him.

On a guess, I'd say possibly D&G.

Here's what I do know about most of Mike's suits from observation:

-Slim/European cut
-No vest
-Slim notch lapels
-Single vent (Thought this isn't hard and fast off the top of my head)
-Flapped pockets
-Flat-front pants without a bottom cuff

-Slim (but not skinny) tie...approximately 2.5" wide at the base
-Season One he almost exclusively wore a four-in-hand knot, Season 2 he switches it up between a four in hand and Windsor knot depending on the tie or where he's wearing it to. I haven't noticed anything that appears to be a Half-Windsor knot on the show, but I could be wrong.

-European/Fitted cut (Or just tailored)
-No front pocket
-Medium Straight (Sometimes called a standard spread) or button-down collar (A traditional straight collar would be a bit too narrow in my opinion) with an occasional medium spread collar thrown in. (I think over the seasons, they are slowly working him towards a spread collar as an symbol of him taking on the suit as Harvey has)

That's about it. I'll see if I can dig up anything, or I'll just keep my eyes open during the next episode.

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Thanks for the info, Nick!

I found a section USA added to their website outlining each character's wardrobe. It looks like Mike is a fan of Zegna and Margiela suits with some Armani accessories mixed in.

You can see more stuff here - Suits Style - Season 2 - USA Network


Looks like Mike Ross is being paid VERY well if he's in Zenga and Margiela suits!

They're only about half the cost of the entry level Brionis and Tom Fords, but DAMN!

Bravo to the producers on their fine choices and thanks for the link.

Seriously. I looked up some of their stuff, and those suits are ~$3-4k.

I have found J. Crew provides a nice alternative that has a similar, trim look, and their suits are less than $1k. Mike is even sporting one of their ties in an episode.

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