Suiting Up For The First Time - My Halloween Party


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This was the first time my family and friends saw my suit, they didn't know I was making it. The other pred is my mate, he bought his suit off e bay last Halloween, since then I've modified the bio, repaired the armour, feet and made the cannon and spear for him.

We used a fog machine to make the lasers show up a bit better, and in the background is the alien suit he's just bought, I'm going to be working on this as well for him.

Had a real blast, but I quickly found out that having a full mask and a bio can make it hard to breathe comfortably, so I knocked up an air feed system in the backpack using a computer fan and some tubing.







I've got a couple of small repairs to do to the suits, then I'm hoping to get some better pictures, now that I'm a bit more used to the suit.
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Suit looks great! I love how the lasers look! I was considering using the pc fan n tubing system myself. Especially, after watching the convid of them pouring sweat out of hands n feet into the tub! How long did your build take?
Thanks for the positive comments guys, the suit took nearly 2 years off and on, I had to build a Cyberman costume for last Halloween as well, so that took some time away from this build; apart from the mask, hands and feet I made everything myself
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