Suggestions for a good snowspeeder model kit?


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Hi folks!
I am interested in building a model of a snowspeeder but don't know where to start. I am pretty new to modeling but have the ability to learn in case the kits are very involved. Does anybody have any suggestions on good kits to look around for? Thanks for your help!
Why not start with a couple of AMTs?


It's cheap, and that means you won't have to worry about learning anomalies. Plus I like it :). Model making is as involved as you want it to be.

Have fun experimenting,
Price difference aside, choosing between the AMT kit and the Fine Molds kit really depends on what you want to accomplish and what you expect from a kit.

The AMT kit is a good "learner" kit. It will build up into a reasonable representation of a snowspeeder out of the box, but it's not particularly accurate with regards to the little details (compared to the filming models) and part fit is a little "sloppy". This means you can use it to learn about scratchbuilding the missing or incorrect detail parts (this is known as "accurizing" in the modeling community, just in case you don't already know), and you can definitely use it to practice seam filling and sanding to hide the seams. And the relatively inexpensive price makes it a good kit to practice painting and weathering techniques on.

The Fine Molds kit, while more expensive, is considerably more accurate (though not quite 100%) but part fit is superior to almost every other Star Wars kit available. Fine Molds' kits generally have more parts to assemble than their AMT counterparts, but they don't require nearly as much puttying and sanding to hide seams so there's less work involved. Essentially, it's an easier kit to build despite having more parts to assemble, but you won't learn as much (particularly about seam filling).

Whichever kit you choose, please be sure to come back and post photos when it's finished!
That's very helpful info, Zombie, thank you. I'm pretty much a noob, so the Fine Molds one looks more promising right now. I'll have to track one down.
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