Sudden Sriracha crave led to this

YenChih Lin

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I strangely had a sudden sriracha crave after a diarrhea (fortunately gone and recovering), which gave me as well a strange idea for a paper prop or print.

Why not doing a fake and fictitious brand of Sriracha, that could be used on screen? So, I went on and made some, unfortunately the shark brand exist, oh well...

Which do yo like most? And what other ideas for a label silk screen print do you have for Sriracha?



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Wait, you had a craving for red death after the runs? Man, you're screwed up bad as me :lol

Personally, I like the prawn one, particularly cuz I love spicy cajun style shrimp (I blame Adam Richman)...

YenChih Lin

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Yeah buddy, sounds strange… but my mind was like "God, what would I give for hot and spicy Sriracha now". Certainly I knew, my guts weren't ready for this, so I channeled it into something productive :D .