Subject Delta (Bioshock 2) Child's costume - Complete

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Subject Delta

Useful build blog references:
Volpin Props: Big Daddy (Bioshock)
Yoyo Props: Subject Delta Project
2StoryProps: Subject Delta: Part 1
Bioshock 2 Cosplay

I found lots of references for a pepakura file for the Subject Delta helmet, but the file is apparently lost to time. If anyone has it, I would love a copy.

Construction Start Date: Oct 7
End Date: Oct 27
Total Cost: Around $160
Total hours: 100+ (active work time, lots more for research)

10/6/18 “Dad. I want to be Subject Delta for Halloween.” “Sure Son.”

I read Volpin Props' Big Daddy build blog years ago so I had some ideas for construction, but the short time frame (25 days, later cut to 21 to make LA Comic Con, and a more than full time job) meant a lot of the really cool options were out of my reach, budget, and experience/shop capacity (no real experience with resin or silicon). The cosplayer is my 12-year-old son, so a 30-pound costume was gonna be a nonstarter. Paper mâché was the medium of choice here.

Many more pictures are in my Bioshock album.

Building the initial support frame: Amazon box, masking tape, hot glue. The strips are precut non-corrugated cardboard used to shim drywall available from the big-box construction stores.
First coat of Paper mâché in progress. I’m using builder’s paper. It doesn’t take fine curves well, but it is thick and strong and one layer is worth 3-4 layers of newspaper. I later used the blue shop paper towels which take curves better and are really rigid, but needs more complete support.
I knew I wanted lots of bolts and rivets which are costly, heavy, and time consuming (also a waste here). I borrowed the idea of a bolt head mold from Volpin Props and I made a low-rent plaster jacketed silicone mold. Parts were cast using Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty which worked really well.
First trial fit of the helmet/drill to establish locations of additions such as the lights and portal.
Attaching the faux camera to the top of the helmet. I sculpted it out of floral foam, skinned with white glue and then reinforced with blue towel paper mache. You get a really strong structure that was really easy to shape.
Construction of the spiral. I borrowed the construction technique from Coopcampaigncosplay.
Paper mâché of the spiral.
First collection shot including the early forms of the 4 tanks, and the Splicer’s masks and weapons.
The painted drill. Rustoleum’s metallic paints (Chrome and Satin Bronze) have gotten way better since I used them last. I was expecting a spray glitter look and got an appropriately distressed surface.
Test fit drill arm and portal with cross bars and front lights (cut down ends from dollar store LED flashlights. I had planned on wiring them to a central switch, but ran out of time. I cut down LED tealights and installed them into the flashlight ends. Behind a yellow painted lens, this proved to be more on model than the LED lights would have been (way too bright).
Satin Bronze undercoat applies. 2 coats.
Tank weathering after rivets installed (googly eyes painted chrome). Rust patches were brown acrylic paint with ground cinnamon stuck to it. Powdery look was eliminated in the final weathering washes.
Glow stick necklace test with nylon screen in the dark. Not as impressive in full light.
Completed Little Sister with Adam Syringe. White Apron and Collars and bloomers are just hot glued into place. Her blue top is her prior pink top painted with ultramarine acrylic paint and tossed in the drying box. The Adam Syringe was 3-D printed by a friend from a 1:1 sized project he first shrunk, then had to re-engineer since that broke stuff.
Little Sister riding into battle.
Suited up in the parking lot.
First rest break after standing in line (in the sun) for entry to LA ComicCon.
Subject Delta Attacks.
Group shot (Subject Delta, the Little Sister, and a Splicer).

Bonus walking video:

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Sluis Van Shipyards

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Very cool! My dad, still to this day with my niece and nephew says "$40 dollars for a Halloween costume? When I was a kid we used whatever was around the house!" :rolleyes:

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This is Wayne who made the 2StoryProps Subject Delta. Im glad the write up was able to help. You did a great job
Thanks, that means a lot. I was really interested in using more advanced techniques like yours. My son is agitating gentle for a Subject Delta/Sigma team up. We'll see how far I get on that :) . Do you by any chance still have a copy of the pepakura file for Delta? Almost all the Bioshock 1,2 stuff has disappeared as file hosting sites disappear. Best J

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