Sub-Zero WIP for halloween (pic heavy)


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So decided im gonna give the Sub-Zero costume a bash, it aint gonna be 100% accurate but gonna try my best. Today I finally got a chance to start working on the mask. Be warned this is the first time Ive sculpted anything since I was 6 in primary school, so bare with me. But here it is, started and 6 hours in. (little bits are squint and that but ill try get it all sorted)



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yeah, but unfortunatley I dont have the game and Im having trouble getting ref images. so if anyones got any kickin about give me a PM it will be much appreciated. Since its my first time sculpting and using super sculpey does anyone know how to get it all smooth before making a mould? Ive heard that you can use lighter fluid or olive oil, but all advice is welcomed.


I can't help you out with reference images, but I'm excited to see this build progress! Sub-Zero was always my favorite.


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quick update: remodeled the jaw line, and redone all the details will hopefully have pics for you tomorrow. got my blue material today aswell will add the pic of that. dunno if I should go for a faux leather for the tabbard or just stick with cloth?


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Looking good man. Check out the Duplicolors Metalcast Anodized colors. I used the blue when I was painting up my subzero mask and the color is just about spot on. Just throwing it out there. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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So after looking at the ref images you guys were kind enough to post, my jaw line was to high and the front mesh part was to wide so Ive altered it slightly, hopefully get another hours work on it tonight. Thanks for all the encouragement. Thanks Sesl Ill look that up :)

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