Sturdy custom metalworks


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Hey there, so yeah, I'm looking for some custom, but functional metalwork and I have no idea where to start.
In short I'm looking for a replica cane head as used by the character Ozpin in RWBY.
I've seen a few around but they're just props and well, I essentially need it to be real. I have a hereditary joint problem and often walk with a cane. I have a sturdy cane with a cast, engraved metal ball top and it does me good service so I was hoping to find something along similar lines that won't crush under 100kg and ideally won't dent too badly if I drop it.

Ideally I'd prefer someone uk based but ultimately I'll get it from wherever.
If you know anyone or anywhere I can start looking and asking for an estimate please let me know! I'm super excited at the idea of owning that cane in more than just a toy form!