Stumped on this... making hulk blood? Greenish/red coloration


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I managed to not win the lot I was after on the propworx auction, so I decided I would give a shot at replicating the hulk blood items.



I tried mixing red blood (halloween) with green food coloring, and it ended up brown. I tried red blood and neon green (rubbing alcohol plus highlighter), and it ended up sorta oddly pinkish.

I tried adding some pearlescent dust to the mixture hoping to make it look somewhat interesting, but that just sorta settled towards the bottom and made it look like pink crap. While it was mixed up together it looked cool, but unfortunately it didn't really work out.

So... basically, I am just kinda stumped. I can't seem to get the red/green colors correct, and I can't get the hue looking right.

It feels like I am missing something incredibly obvious but after fighting with this for a while (since the movie came out on and off), I am stumped.

So, anyone have any ideas on how to get that effect?



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The only thing I can think of is two liquids of different viscosity so they do not mix, the only problem with that is they would probably settle in layers.


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The blood is actually just red, they painted the bags with a metalic green paint, tge blood in the vials and cups is just plain old red.
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