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Hello All-

I sent this question to Steve Niesen (hopefully he gets back with me) but I thought I'd ask the other experts as well.

What are the gun barrels of the studio scale TIE fighter made from? My 2 TIE kits I got from Steve 2 years ago are missing these pieces (yes I know, I build slow!).

Is it a found item? It looks like some sort of collet for a drill or something similar.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it!
brass tubing for the stem, but I can't remember the diameter. 3mm if I recall :) Then an a 5mm amber LED goes in for the emitter.
Thanks for the replies guys!

How about the length of the brass tubing, is there a standard for that?

I am getting excited!

By the way, what does everyone prefer for the interior? Do you like the purist ,sparse interior with the American fighter pilot (included in the kit) or the tricked-out one with a TIE fighter pilot and LEDs?

I'm torn between the two....
it's roughly 1/4" Cut it longer so there is some extra to glue in the fighter. But leave roughly that much showing. Some folks like less. :)
I posted these in another thread a couple of years ago. These are of the Vader wingman TIE that got sold off via Profiles a while back -



What I'm seeing here is not the frosted orange color of an LED of 1976, but a clear piece of rod. I know they make water clear LED's, but that is a relatively new item. Whether or not the orange rod here wwas lit, I don't know. When I examined the TIE, I couldn't find anything that indicated it was lit. LED's were used on some TIEs, but those were for the engines, and they were red.

It almost looks like the end of the rod was shaved off to make it more angular; did they use the same process for the Interceptors or did they use LEDs?

Thanks for the pics!
I wonder if they used Lightbrite pegs. I also wonder if those in the pics Gene posted are original or something added later in life.
I wonder if they used Lightbrite pegs.

<smacks forehead> Brilliant thought. Don't know if it is true, but I like the line of thinking!

I also wonder if those in the pics Gene posted are original or something added later in life.

I can assure you, nothing happened to that model from the time they finished with it in '76-'77 till it was pulled out and re-assembled in 2009. It was not re-used for ESB or ROTJ.

Thanks Gene, I'm going with lightbrite peg if that is original. It was huge back then and the small end is around that size.
an image of a lot of lightbrite pegs . Looks like the ends where just sheared off possibly . Sorry for the large image but not sure how to resize images here as of yet


I think I have some of those from an old set I had from when I was a kid; I'll have to buzz over to Mom's attic! I think you guys are onto something!
Now if I could only get the creepy song from the Lite-Brite commercial out of my head....
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