Studio Scale Star Destroyer: 2.5 meters


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I decided to grab a group of friends together to build ILM's 2.59m/8.5 foot avenger star destroyer from Empire Strikes Back. They made the 2.6m version because the 4 footer that was retrofitted from ANH didn't meet the scale for the closeups they needed.

I've gathered a few reference images from some ILM documentaries. Here's two of them
ihmOSCz (1).jpeg

I reached out to GEEK1138 and bought his 1/300 Devastator files from him, including some measurements for constructing the wooden inner framing. His ISD isn't actually exactly 1/300, but rather 1/362. The length of a star destroyer is 1600m, and his is 4.41m, so some quick math gave me the exact scale he was at. I then divided his scale from my scale to find a scale factor of: 0.5873015873. So anytime I converted his measurements, i'd always use that scale factor.

I found a large chunk of MDF and 2x4s lying around at my college's student-run makerspace, so I began marking them up. After a couple of hours of work with my friends, this is what we've done so far:


We need to grab another board of MDF to finish off the back two ribs.


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Added a bit more paneling in the back area in addition to some "wiring" in the front and hangar bay area. Would anyone like to take a guess for what I used (It's not difficult to figure out haha):

I'm also about to start adding some of this "blushing" on the backside with some 1/8 plywood that will be lasercut with design I arbitrarily sketched up in solidworks:
Underside 2.png

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