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For many years I have dreamed of holding a REAL X-Wing or a REAL Colonial know what I mean. :D
This post is to compliment and thank all those who master these great kits and peices for all of us to be able to enjoy the dream. With CGI taking over,..this is becoming a lost art. I think it important to always support actual model building of the fine designs coming from the shows or movies that allowed us to dream.
From the first time I viewed the RPF I have been impressed with the work produced from the board members here. I don't think anyone will be let down with any of these masters.
This stuff is sooooooo kewl. We all dreamed of this as kids or we wouldn't be involved with it today.
To those Masters, and you know who you are,.. THANK YOU.


You said it. There is truly some unbelievable work here and those who do are nothing short of gifted artists.
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