Studio Scale model Question.


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Hey guys sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, I was just getting into doing models and wanted to try a studio scale model something along the lines of star wars, My question is does anyone here or know of anyone that offers a kit or are all these custom built or need to find parts?


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Bit of both, many of the builds going on right now are full scratch built replicas, requiring planning, parts ID and fabrication.

There are kits about, but not as many as a few years back.
Depends on your area of Starwars, but there is the Cerney Pyro X wing running an interest thread, also the new Hero based X wing is due soon, both worth looking at as somebody getting into the scene.



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There was a guy selling half scale Y-Wing in the junkyard and he had the old Tie Bomber resin kit for sale. Maybe he still has it? Search the junkyard for SS.

Or, get a starter kit, hunt some kits and follow my build, I love that little ship! :)


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Yeah, there's a thread going on right now about a new SS X-wing that looks really good and almost ready for market. Be forewarned, though, that they are not cheap. An SS X will start out at $300 or $400 (I just can't remember how much my last one was but right around one of those two prices), and they won't really get cheaper if you buy them secondhand, either. Occasionally search e-bay for phrases like "studio scale x-wing" and see what pops up. Also check the "junkyard" section here, as well. Realize, too, that if you go the scratchbuild route, you're talking about hours and hours of research. Some of the research relates to figuring out dimensions, and some is figuring out which model kits and parts are required as sources. And many of the source kits are out of production. I've seen a few of them go for quite a bit of money--for just one of the many kits you'll need.


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I just bought a Captain cardboard SS x-wing, direct from Scott Alexander about $300. I'm having fun fixing it up as we speak :)
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