Studio Scale BC-304 Daedalus


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I've recently started a scratch build of the BC 304 (Daedalus DSC 02) as seen in Stargate Atlantis.

The end result will be a ship about 3.8 feet long.

This will be a representation rather than a 100% replica of the CGI shooting model. I have been unable to find accurate diagrams and measurments, so this is based on several different models I've found online (other scratch builds and CGI models).

The construction was planned to be styrene only but due to some budget factors I'll also be using 1/4 plywood that I have lying around, then sheeting over it with 1mm styrene.

I've been photographing the progress and will post pics this evening (after work).



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Will look forward to this too. Will be watching the thread. I was going to make a puddle jumper but dont have the time at the moment.


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Just adding some more progress pics.

This has definitely been a steep learning curve, mistakes have been made but nothing that isn't easily corrected. i have to keep emending myself that it's OK, this is just the first scratch build.

Scaling by far has been an issue as I didn't find decent technical diagrams till after the project was started. Adjustments have been made but I won't know how they'll pan out until I draw out a flight pod to see how things look.



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I love the Daedalus ship design (unlike the boxier Prometheus), and it's nice to see a model that only existed as a CG ship get the physical model treatment. Looking good so far. I can't wait to see this when it's done!


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Just wanted to say thanks for the comments and add some updates (pics to follow)

Given the lack of measurments we had I was still concerned about the scale, but after building the flight pod pylons I'm fairly confident we're on the right track.

Looking at some updated drawings I was able to find online the forward part of the primary hull looks too wide, though that may not be the case as it may only look 'off' as the strakes aren't complete yet (at their widest).

Given the size I wouldn't go all styrene construction again. At the start it was an economy measure. We're building indoors and I'd rather not deal with sawdust everywhere. If another one is built it'll be a spring/summer/fall project when I can do wood cutting outside (then sheet and detail the ship with styrene).

Anyway I'm condfident the basic construction will be done in a matter of weeks (my freind and I only get together on Fridays to build). The detailing...that'll take a while. I still haven't figured out the engines but I'm thinking one of each size on a lathe then molding and doing resin casting.

Time will tell.



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Does some has the total Plans of the daedalus for me ?
A friend of me will may start also a star gate project....

Pm me and let me know

all the best



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i'm currently working on a X303 Prometheus
do you have any update on this
i have an BC304 on my list i want to build it in the same scale as my prometheus

looking for an update
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