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I just wanted to get opinions on recasts, not from a singular artist or small company, but in particular, the Galactica TOS laser. I have two that I got from a distributor made from resin, clearly molded from a studio prop, and not that well cast. They were advertized as legit. However, they both needed major sanding/exacto/putty work before all was said & done. My question is- are casts of a studio prop kosher? Or, more to the point, are casts of casts of a studio prop (as I now suspect) kosher? I was looking to purchase kits for under $100, but had no idea that there were so many levels of quality & detail.
My AA/DS phasers are all the same, and all totally authentic. Those are easy.

Help on this?:behave


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Chances are if you're paying a sweetheart price on something claiming to be molded from studio pieces or molds, you're really not.

These pieces tend to come from people who have considerable resources invested in acquiring said studio piece ($$$) and a strong interest in making sure that their castings are of a quality that will help their reputation and recoup their costs.

I could be wrong on specific items, but this is what I've seen in general during my time here.
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