Studio Millennium Falcon from Star Wars Identities - Sydney 2019


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Took some pics of this while in Sydney last week not the best lighting and hard to get angles.

Posting these here to say thanks to this community :)

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Whoa ! Never realised the 32” model’s exhaust fans didn’t have any relief detail in their grill area at all before now... :eek:!?
These are some of the sharpest (clearest) pics I’ve seen of this studio Falcon so far .
This thread is bookmarked. Thanks again Gans .

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Thanks Ged

I tried to get the angles I could due to it being sealed in a clear box against a wall. I have a MF to paint so I was trying to take pics with a painter/builder in mind. The underneath pics turned out a bit dark so I am hoping to go back and take some more later.
I never realised how much weathering this model had on it until I looked at my pics upclose :eek:
Thanks for your reply
I have the other models to come :)
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