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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are new to the replica props end of the business. Although Studio Art & Technology has been around for more than 30 years, we are not very publicly known outside of the studio industry.

We originally started in 1977 as the manufacturing department for Independent Studio Services (ISS). Approximately 22 years ago, we became Studio Art & Technology (SAT). Over the years, we’ve worked on most mainstream features and television shows. Some of the more recent titles and projects include the following:

Iron Man 1,2 – RT devices
Green Lantern – Lanterns and Rings
Transformers 1,2, 3 – Cubes, shards, pillars, etc.
Cowboys and Aliens – Gauntlets
Avengers – Weaponry (vague….I know)
Pirates 1,2,3,4 – Swords, Chests, etc.
Green Hornet
Batman Begins, DK, DKR
Spiderman 1,2,3,4
Super 8
Real Steel

There are too many to list but at any given time, we are fortunate enough to be working on 10 to 20 + features as well as television shows.

We’re very excited about wrapping up MIB3 and now being the licensee to produce MIB3 Prop Replicas. We’ll have much more of a presence on the RPF and try to keep you guys up-to-date on the progress of the projects.

Thanks very much for having us here.
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Welcome! Your a branch of ISS right? If your ever giving out tour's of the studios let me know ;) You guys do a incredible job and have some very talented people there!
We are actually in the same building now as of 7 years ago. We bought a large building that we figured we wouldn't outgrow for many years....boy were we wrong.

Over the next few months, I will see if we can't put together a quick video tour of the facility. We do tours all the time. I will see if we can't put together an RPF tour in the near future. Obviously, there would be no cameras allowed.
Welcome Aboard!!

I as well as every one else on the board wish you a long successful career as a Licensee!
Thanks very much. We are extremely excited about this whole thing. It's a big learning experience for us. It's much simpler to make things for movies than to market items to the public. LOL.

We are scrambling to get the new website launched since the old one is.....well sub par.
Thanks very much. I'm working on posting some high resolution pictures of the weapons that are released from SAT. There are actually a ton of weapons and gadgets that we made for Men in Black 3 (MIB3). The website Studio Art Technology MIB doesn't show everything we had at Comic-Con but it gives you an idea of which weapons/gadgets are currently being considered for production.

We thought we would give everyone a way to select which items they'd be most interested in but it backfired. 99% selected all of them.

If you guys don't mind, we would love to hear which items that are/were shown that you'd be most interested in.

First up, we are looking at producing the "J" version of the standard issue (weapon 5)
It's swell to finally see you guys have a presence here on the boards, the linage and reputation of the people at SAT is beyond exemplary.

There synonymous within the industry for there attention to detail and astounding work ethic, looking forward to seeing what you have in store with this license and beyond fellas! :thumbsup
Actually, Factory Entertainment has already obtained the MIB 1 & 2 license. They had many of the MIB 1 & 2 props on display at Comic Con
Star Wars Chick and I had the pleasure of touring SAT (and ISS) today and all I can say is WOW! We saw ******'s ****** and the ****** from ************. Simply amazing!

:lol Sorry to tease you. While we can't say exactly what we saw, I can tell you the operation is astounding. Walking through SAT's shop gives you a great feel for the pride and craftsmanship taken in their work and beyond that, it is just COOL! It was interesting to see, as we walked from station to station the guys working on dozens of the same items from an uncoming movie. You could see them in various stages from raw cut pieces to fully painted and finished and it was very cool to realize that in a year or two, we will see those on the big screen and then wanting to have one for our own collection!

Can't wait to see what SAT is able to provide for this community. This is like Weta all over again!
that's so awesome. must have been amazing to see people who love working on film props creating things at every desk. like stations of creations lol. I'd love a tour one day :)

Well, it is an interesting job. Everyday there's something different. I'm still waiting be asked make a retractable banana. It'll happen.

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