Stripping/Removing Anodization from Aluminium



I found an Acerocket TPM Obi-Wan pommel but it's anodized black and I wanted it to be plain aluminium. I did a Google search for removing anodization from aluminium and I found several different options including Greased Lightning (oven cleaner), lye, and hydrochloric acid, but it was unclear the exact results of each from the posts.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or experience with removing the anodization from an aluminum lightsaber pomel. Will it leave the aluminium pitted? If so, how pitted? Would I be better of trying to sand it off in a lathe to start with?



I've used heavy duty Easy Off oven cleaner before. It took some pretty hard scrubbing, but it worked. After you use it the aluminum is really hazy though so I suggest using a polish, which i used turtle wax: chrome and metal polish. Just follow the directions on that and just keep polishing until it's how you like it

hope that helps :)

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Anodizing is an oxidation of the metal so you have to remove the oxidized aluminum. If you want a nice shiny machined finish then you will have to use a lathe or something similar. All other options will leave some kind of pitting because it has to eat the anodizing off. Blasting it with glassbead should leave it pretty smooth but it will not have a shiny finish. More or less a dull finish. Sand will probably pit the heck out of it depending on what kind of aluminum it is and it's hardness. Not sure about the oven cleaners or other chemicals as i have never used them for that purpose.

Edit , i should add good old sandpaper and some elbow grease will give you a nice finish. If you can get it chucked into a drill that will give the machined look. Proabably the best and cheapest route.


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Like Zombie Killer said Glass bead works pretty well I have used it on aluminum to emote anodizing it leaves a flat finish, but it looks uniform and nice


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To tell something different,I would recomment you to blast with...

glass beads,haha!

I used this technic and it works nicely,removing all color,and quite easy to polish or finish as you want,even left as it is,it's really nice!
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