Stripping paint from ABS and Fiberglass


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Hi... I'm the same clonecollector from over at TDH. I don't really post much here but I think my questions is probably best answered here by members who have experience with painting.

I need to repaint my FP Boba Fett armor. The paint is beginning to peel in places after three years. (from flexing/ moving etc.) It's going to lose the recognizeable ESB damage patterns. Is it feasible to just sand down the paint, re-primer, and begin painting again. (layered method) How far down should I go? Back to the ABS?

I'm also wanting to repaint my helmet. Its an FP MR Premium made of fiberglass. I love this helmet and am considering selling it as is and getting another one... because I can't bring myself to sand it down!:cry I don't want to mess up the sharp details though.

The paint job is not bad I believe. I think I just make it better. It would be the 3rd time Ive painted a Boba Fett helmet. How should I go about stripping this helmet? Sanding also?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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