Streets of Cairo Raiders Shirt - WIP


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Hey All,

So I recently (kind of) completed my Raiders costume and wore it out. Well, I am already wanting to upgrade my shirt. The Wested shirt was the first item I got for it, and while I do like it, even the small is pretty big on me (5'11'' and ~185, so very average build) and well...I wanted to learn how to use my button hole foot and such.

It looks like the Raiders shirt is considerably lighter than TOD or Crusade, and is almost a warm grey/natural unbleached muslin as opposed to khaki. Especially in the Cairo scenes with direct sunlight.

The collar on this has the exaggerated curve, and I added an extra row of stitching on the left pocket like one of the screen used ones that had gone to auction.

This is my mock up - aside from the new buttons I grabbed.

I didn't really have a pattern for this, as I was reusing my ESB shirt pattern. I had forgotten I had moved the yoke forward about an inch, so the epaulets on this are a little too far forward. But overall I am pretty happy and can't wait to start my second!


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Psab keel

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Beautiful work! I've been following your build on the Facebook Raiders page too. When I get to my Indy gear I too will be making my own shirt.

I look forward to seeing how your next version turns out!

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