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Re: Netflix’s Stranger Things

I am in too! I'm not use to seeing Winona playing an older mother though, time flies!


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Just watched the first Episode of this new series,.....set in '83,...starts off like Spielberg's E.T......BMX's.....stripy tops Hallowe'en John Carpenter style music & opening titles

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We liked it too. I think almost every scene has a nod to Carpenter or Spielberg or... The kids remind me of Super 8 mixed with a bit of Explorers. I think I paused the first episode maybe 10 times and said..."hey that's like that scene from..."

Great so far and we only finished ep 2.


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Watched 7 episodes so far, one more to go! Loving it, reminds me of classic Spielberg, Carpenter and early Stephen King. Very enjoyable series with an all around great cast and very believable child actors.


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Wow, its pretty much a period piece!
It feels more like a Dean Koontz story simply because of the amount of stuff that they have stolen from everywhere else by the shedload. Its hardly an original work, but at least they are quite honest about it. I laughed when they got a bit character to say "Have you read any Steven King?".
Lots of 70's/80's stuff in it drawing heavily from Poltergiest and The Thing with a very hefty portion of "Carrie" and "Stand by Me" thrown in for good measure. I like all the great posters, the Star Wars toys and the rest of the pop / video culture references.Very evocative soundtrack that could have been writen by John Carpenter.
The kids get on my nerves a bit as does all the teenage angst but its still a very effective bit of retro media nostalgia with some very creepy moments, even if (as has been said) you will have more fun spotting all the scenes that they have nicked from films , tv series and novels of that era more than anything else.
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Binged the whole series last night. We couldn't stop ourselves.

So tell me, how many of you caught that the Falcon was the wrong release for the show? :)

And when you get to the episode where they are in the forest with the deer, did anyone catch them following the blood trail that just stops? I made a comment to Bree about how Predator had not come out yet, so they didn't think to look up in the trees. I swear to god, no sooner than the words came out of my mouth there was the chitter sound effect of the Predator. That put such a goofy grin on my face :)

This show is like some crazy love child of Spielberg, Carpenter, King and a plethora of 80s greats all wrapped up into one show.

I'm totally down if they do a season 2, but the season ended perfectly for me and wrapped up almost all of my questions.


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Binged through the show over the weekend as well. Good pacing and 8 episodes felt just right, felt like a really long X-Files episode directed by Spielberg (which was the Duffer brothers' intent I'm sure). With the exception of the young kids, the acting left little to be desired, but the story and intrigue were solid in driving the show. I don't know where they found the girl who plays Eleven but she needs to get signed on to more gigs, thought she was the best of the bunch. Monster design was a bit underwhelming though. Hoping for a second season, not sure if the Duffers will continue this story or pull an American Horror Story or Cloverfield where each effort is different, but I'm not sure the first season has much story left to tell.


I caught this thread and found it on Netflix. Wow, totally blown away and we watched all 8 episodes in total binge fashion. Loves every minute of it - start to finish. What a great show!

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I also noticed the Falcon issue. Not sure how much an original version is these days. They could at least have kept the main tell -- the engines -- turned away from the camera... If they even realized the difference themselves. Plus there are a few songs they use for the soundtrack that weren't out yet in '83.

I love the Goonies/Explorers/E.T./Super 8 feel to it. Barb reminds me a lot of Darla from My Best Friend Is A Vampire. The lab reminds me a little of a less nice Misfits of Science... I plan to buy this when it comes out on home video. I think the Duffers have said it's just going to be this one season, but I agree that'd be a waste of the actors/characters and I hope they can come up with a good story to continue it for one more season (if only to show us how the kids respond to the debut of the Transformers :D ).



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We watched the first 3 episodes last night. I am SO in love with this show. So many times during the show, especially when the kids were playing D&D or made a reference to their game, my husband was like "That was so me as a kid!"

The young actors are all amazing and I am deeply impressed with their performances. They're fantastic.

I can't wait to get home tonight and watch more!

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