Strange Days: Penguin Vodka label replica


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Sooo this is very very obscure but here we go.

In Strange Days, Lenny pours himself a glass of vodka before watching old memories. I thought the penguin label was cute so I made a version of it.
(No idea where to get a bottle in this shape, it doesn't look familiar.)

On the off chance that you love the movie and are into weird side props too, --> Link to google drive

  • Label with grey background (PDF)
  • Label with faux silver (gradient) background (PDF)
  • Reference screenshots


  • strangedays_penguinvodka.jpg
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  • penguin bottle exposure.JPG
    penguin bottle exposure.JPG
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  • penguin vodka.JPG
    penguin vodka.JPG
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  • penguin vodka exposure.jpg
    penguin vodka exposure.jpg
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Hey Lenitas,

Thank you so much for creating and sharing the Mini Disc labels and this! :p

I have loved Strange Days for nearly 23 years, and have a handful of secret projects in the works. ^^ Really happy to see some love towards this film - the content is relevant to this very day, and I love the details throughout. The fashion choices for all the characters were spot on, and go criminally unnoticed, too.



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Oh man, me too!

A few months ago my friend and I did a movie night with Chinese food, millennium cake and prosecco. Good times.

1659102564875.png 1659102595569.png 1659102612928.png

I cannot wait to see your secret projects when they're ready. I might have something interesting for you as well, I'll PM you.

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