Strange But True Book Title You Read


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Gotta say that one of the strings was the Spear Of Destiny about.. What else..the Spear of Christ... Would just like to see what your strange but true book title is.


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"Every Child's Book of Dread Diseases".

My little guy will be getting that one for Xmas if he's ever bad enough...


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All of these, basically. Any book that has "erotic knifeplay" in the title is a big fat thumbs down in my book :lol To be topped only by "Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies."

The 10 Most Terrifying Guides to Sex |

As long as you brought up the topic: Love and Sex with Robots

An article about the author

An article about the robot being "the other woman".

And it begs the question: would they be considered props? Anyone "got one on the workbench"? :lol :behave


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Oh! I'm trying to remember the full title ( cause I never bought it! ). It has a special little spot, in a Half Price bookstore, outside of Cincinnati. It's called "Sisters of Satan". It's a very revealing picture book with, ah, well, strange pictures! It's like a train wreck, you can't help but not look!

So every time we visit the bookstore, I check it out! Then put it back on the shelf!
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