Stormtrooper Voice Amplifier/Modifier Mic help


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Well its a new year and I'm getting back into the swing of things, my first act is working on my Stormtrooper armor. I want to get a amplifier/modifier to fit in the helmet once its complete. I looked all around the RPF and really didn't find a good thread on Stormtrooper mics/amplifiers. Anyway the problem I'm having is I'm not sure what to get. I've been looking around on eBay and found a few listings but not sure what the differences are between them. The one I'm leaning to is this one here:

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It looks like your run of the mill amplifier. So my question is: is this a good microphone set up?
I know there are far better ones out there but I need to get some advise before I make a purchase. Any and all bits of info will help. Thanks in advance.


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This is a true to the statement, you get what you pay for. I bought a similar one and it was so low you could not hear it when trooping. I then bought a $30 one and there was so much feedback that was unavoidable even through shielding. I finally ended up buying a $60 one and it was perfect. I think it was this Tk9122's new Aker Voice amp and new helmet - YouTube


I just bought that exact one that you linked from ebay, and its really nice. Audio is clear, but still has that "radio" quality to it, which i think adds to the effect. I dont have any armor to test fit it to, but just using it it seems to be plenty loud. The build is relatively nice too for a 10 dollar item, i was expecting something of a lot lesser quality.