Stormtrooper Neck Seal - How To?


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From what I can tell,it's more of a vest/sash than just a neck seal.

Watching Han you can see that it goes down to his kidney plate and same length at the front.There's a strap on each side joining the two halves together with what looks like snaps along it's length the tightens the straps when the vest is put on 'over' the head and then the velcro strip closed behind the neck.

That's my theory on it anyways :p



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Originally posted by clutch@Jan 4 2006, 07:28 PM
Does anyone own any original 'soft' parts?????

My original ROTJ costume came with a black undersuit and gloves.... oh, and an ESB holster too - does that count? ;)

There was no neck seal / bib thing because AFAIK the 'background studio' costumes from ROTJ didn't have 'em.



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As Paul said most were some type of over the head, vest thing. Just from the way it looks the ribbed portion of the neck seal were some type of rubber boot material. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps sewed to the vest for an easier on/off thing. Seems similar to the an axle boot on some older British cars.
That's my guess anyway.


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Originally posted by GeneralMayhem@Jan 5 2006, 10:40 PM
Maybe a stretch polyurethane would be a good modern alternative.  I hate the fact that rubber clothing items tend to age and crack or rot.

And not breathe.


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Is this neck seal going to on a display or to wear?
If wearing like clutch said it will not be comfortable at all to wear. Go for one cotton/cloth material listed above and you'll be glad you did later. :)


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I'm going for as much accuracy as possible while still making it comfortable to wear. Something I strive for in any costume I develop for customers. Initially I want one for my own use/display purposes (I just put a deposit on my first armor kit), but I'd also like to make them for others. I plan to offer them already sewn into a body glove so troopers don't have to buy them separately from the undersuit. Maybe not authentic in and of itself, but I think the idea would appeal to a lot of people.


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Together would be cool. The fabric on my neckseal is always working it's way out from under the armor. I've gotten to where I'll tuck it under the unitard.


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....I was looking at thin neoprene at a fabric store over the weekend. Kinda looks a bit like rubber but breathes....gonna give it a shot....


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General Mayhem "Due to an unexpected event" over at gotarmor I`m having trouble finding neckseals.

I need two. I`m happy for them not to be sewn into the bodysuit as mine are for display. If theres a timescale for you doing these seals let me know.



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I should have a prototype to show in the next couple of days. When I do, I'll post pictures in this thread, and update the Star Wars page on my site with the item.


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Neck Seal Completed.

Here are a few pictures of the final product...




Made to match the neck seals seen on Han and Luke in ANH, and I feel that I've captured the look of the originals effectively. The sample here is shown in a lightly textured PVC leatherette, with a slight padding for smooth look.
Equipped with Velcro closure and attached dickey, the neck seal is available in a smooth finish PVC, or lycra spandex for breathability.

Also available is a one piece body glove with attached neck seal, for troopers that want an all-in-one solution to their needs, in 4-way stretch lycra spandex with plenty of stretch for a custom fit, and either PVC or spandex neck seal. Body glove comes equipped with back zipper, and convenient crotch zipper for those unavoidable pit stops.

Stormtrooper Neck Seal $45.00 Plus Shipping

Body Glove with Attached Neck Seal $200.00 Plus Shipping

Please see for details, or write to for ordering information.


~ General Mayhem


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