stormtrooper helmet lol


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just seen this on ebay. its too funny. a guy selling his armor and the helmet is backwards and the mouth peice is not painted. real star wars fan this guy is lol lol


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Originally posted by JediCarl@Mar 25 2006, 12:18 PM
Wow. That's horrific.  :eek
Yes, horrific is a good word for it. Has this guy seen a Stormtrooper before? How do you make a mistake like that?.?.

New RPF public service ad campaign:

Friends don't let friends build Stormtrooper armor drunk


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I knew a guy in the 501st a few years ago that was rushing to put it together for an events and did that with the dome. He was mercilessly heckled.

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I added the cheeck tube stickers the wrong way at first... but it was an easy fix. Couldn't figure out why it looked so bad... but then it dawned on me... :lol


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That's horiffic. All you guys have missed the fact that he's obviously killed his family and hung them up from the roof - look he's even left a foot on the floor.

I personally would avoid any Stormtrooper with eyebrows like that................


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So I take it we're all in agreement that this isn't canon, right? :unsure

The black sweats are a nice touch. He looks like a can of bisquits somebody dropped.