Stormtrooper ep7 Helmet.I´m gonna go grazy.

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    Hi my Name is Simon from germany.
    This is the first time i post here.

    I´m bilding a Strormtrooper ep7 Helmet.
    It´s not final shape.there are some areas to be done.(Dome to high chin ect).
    Sorry for my English .I do my best.:)

    So i startet.


    Some Bondo on it.


    Greeblies made of Clay and mold them an sand them an mold again.

    11947744_727852623987311_8979786834878699633_o.jpg 11952780_727852687320638_7423468952598233815_o.jpg 11875034_727852720653968_5155883485555081789_o.jpg 11872006_727852707320636_7723529464646197914_o.jpg

    and this ist the stage where i am today.

    20150911_214012.jpg 20150911_213914.jpg 20150911_213954.jpg 20150911_214019.jpg 20150911_213934.jpg 20150911_213923.jpg 20150911_214012.jpg

    In real it looks diffrent.I think the Phone Camera takes bad pictures.

    And here is The helmt compared to my first Helmt i`ve done.

    20150911_221609.jpg 20150911_221639.jpg 20150911_221936.jpg

    As you can see the Camera with the Ironman suit. Stretches the Pic.

    What do you think about my build .
    ok.Dome to high i think .Chin Area not correct an the Air vents at both sides have do be done.

    Sometimes i want to trow that ting away.Here sanding here Looking sanding .Arghhhhhhhhhh:D

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    Re: Stromtrooper ep7 Helmet.I´m gonna go grazy.

    Looks good so far... but I see what you say about the chin area needing modification. Keep at it though.
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    Awesome man! looking great
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    Looks beautiful to me

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