Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster


Hey Rpf,

My latest project is a Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster prop. I am looking at all the parts and trying to figure out what would be the easiest way to make them.


For the handle I guess you would call it I am debating cutting and heating up styrene or shaping something out of wood and making a mold of it then casting it in resin, if I do cast it in resin would 1-2 trail sizes of Smooth-On 300's plastic be enough.

And my other dilemma for the underpart of the barrel what would be the easiest way to make this. And if i did use resin would 1 trial size work. (Not looking to buy the gallon kit)

Thanks in Advanced.
Doopydoos ( Doopydoo's Collectables ) has a couple of precast parts that could help you shorten the build and make a more accurate E-11, since their castings are taken off of of a real Sterling.
The handle would be the most difficult thing to reproduce accurately. Why reinvent the wheel?
The stock woud be the second thing, however, if you plan on using this as a costume prop, it would make more sense in replacing the stock with a scratchbuilt metal one, in my opinion, since theirs seems a bit frail and wouldn't survive much abuse.

Alright I might buy one of those blaster kits. This is kind of off topic but I also want to make 3 suits of stormtrooper armor and I was wondering if any one knew where I could get a set of the vacu-form molds. Thanks.
You don't ask for you?

Good luck in getting those molds. The ones I have seen (online) were hand carved using clay. I would assume that the owners of them wouldn't want to part with them without adequate compensation. Probably in the tens thousands of dollars.
Do a google search for "stormtrooper armour" and see what comes up. The costumes themselves are not cheap.

I think I am going to use mdf and bondo for the molds. Right now though I've got to focus on the blasters. How many cups of resin do you guys think it would take to make an E-11 blaster? Not including the barrel.
A friend here in NZ has just spent almost 2 years making his accurate stormtrooper armor plugs so yer your gonna have a really really hard time getting yourhands on them.

as for the blaster the doopydoo kit is tthe way,,then you only need to build your barrel and a few other greeblys.
After really researching it, I do not think I will be making a set of storm trooper armor. I think I should stick to smaller armor projects and props. Thanks for all the help. Look out for the progress on my blaster and probably some light sabers.
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