Stormtrooper custome based on pepakura


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Hi everyone,
my name is Michael, I´m from Germany and I just started with my Stormtrooper "project".
My company does a rallye once a year and the teams have the choice to disguise and the best 3 custome can win a bonus prize.

Year before last we won with our Lego figure costumes, then last year our customes really sucked. Problems within the team, one member denying everyt custome.
So we did some last minute crayon customes, only to be disguised and get some laughs.

This year we want to rock. So I googled and googled and found a kid within a Stormtrooper foam armor. We thought it would be easy to do, so we choosed this custom.
And now we went from foam, over fibreglass to fiberglas-bondo molds for vacuum forming... :eek
While on my search how to realize the custom I stumbled across this pepakura thing. And it was like "aweeeeesome".

So, I got myself the pepakura files from Fierfek and started printing, cutting, gluing, folding, more glueing, despairing, glue between my fingernail and my skin, a super glued scissor(damn, my lady was...not amused about her "best scissor she got from her mom" glued together) and thanks to aceton for fixing this scissor problem.

Ok, so what I did until now:

Step 1 - cutting, glueing, folding



Step 2 - resin and bondo




I know, the "bondo" layer on the helmet is very rough, it was a quickshot. The next helmet will be better. I already sanded down the whole thing and added a new layer, closing the most gaps.
I also put resin onto some of the pepakura parts, but the weather changed and it was windy and rainy so I stored everything in the garage and wait till the sun comes out again.
New pictures will be taken tomorrow.

The costumes has to be finished at the end of June and I don´t know if I can realize it. Next steps planned are:
-harden all of the parts with resin
-layer them with "bondo"
-sand them into shape
-vacuum form the parts

I have a lot of questions, but I will sort them out before asking.
Till then, any hints you guys can give me for this project?



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Looks terrific! I got fierfeks' breastplate and back plate...mostly done before abandoning the project as just so fiddly that it was driving me mad. So you've gone foam on the bucket, but card on the armor - is that right?


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Hey, sorry I´m back so late. I forgot my thread for a while xD
I used the standard size of armour and helmet. When I was printing I didnt even knew that you can change the size.
Yes, I did the helmet with foam and the armour with card. The reason is it started out as a foam armor, changed to a cardboard version and then went to vacuum forming.
It wasn´t well planned at all. To late I noticed that the pep files I am using arent this high detailed. The cod ist just flat as you can see in the pictures below, abs and forearm are really low detailed as well, but it is to late to change it and I have to finish it in the next 20 days.

I built my vacuum table last weekend and got some first pulls as oyu can see in the following pictures.
I know the parts would need at least 1 more layer of bondo and sanding, but I am running out of time and this is nearly a solo project, cause the rest of the team is a bunch of a**heads and not much helping at all.
But I´m to far in the project to cancel it, so I keep going with one deduction: I dont do the helmet. There is not enough time for bondoing, sanding, and molding the whole thing, so I did a brainstorming with myself (yeah, solo project. No one tells you, if your ideas are ****ty) and found a solution: We will put on disney masks. So we are going as Goofy, Mickey etc in Trooper armour as a reference to the hostile takeover through disney.
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