Stormtrooper Brian R HDPE replica


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This is NICE!,
Ive been wanting to do one my self and this has tipped the scales,
Great helmet for it,
How are you find the paint sticks to the HDPE Iv seen some horror storys with the other HDPE helmets out there though with these it doesnt seem to be as much an issue


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Cheers bud.The paint sticks really nice.I chipped it with an xacto knife where I wanted it to. You can play around with it and flex it and the paint won't flake. I used rustoleum high gloss. It's much better than the TE HDPE stuff.



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Great work Ben, the helmet looks fantastic!
You must be very happy with the way your trooper prop collection is going these days.



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Ben again! Great work on the paint chips. :love:thumbsup
I still have my HDPE helmet waiting to be painted, i just don´t find the time to do so!


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It's been a while since I've paid any attetion to any trooper helmet.

This one is gorgeous, great job.

So how many helmets do you have now?


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Cheers guys I appreciate it. It was really a fun helmet to build. I don't think I'll ever get bored of making trooper helmets and the fact that this is made of the correct color HDPE really took it to another level.

Keith and HDPE- I have made and owned many trooper helmets over the years and my main enjoyment comes from building them.I have lost count but at this point I have this one,a V2,a TE SFS fg and a RS PROPS helmet and have just taken delivery in something I never thought we would ever see,but more on that Tommorow. :)

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