Store Display naboo star fighter converison into Mando's new ship yep 1/6th scale big


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Okay Guys, Thanks for the comments very cool and thanks for the likes as well gives me that push much needed. So today in the shop got it all done up except paint something I am really thinking about now my friend Analyzer. Today did a bit of work then went into clean up man I have so many messes at every station of making then got some shots of a few things going on. I will be sharing the whole build every concept of this thing coming together. So here is todays fun happening. Enjoy
Yep that last pic was before the clean up happened, I still got some small stuff to do which I will share floors are all sweeped all clean still got boxes of parts around which will be slowly put away. So paint and vacuforming bout to happen I might start the paint work whilest I wait for budgeting in the paint and materal for the vac stuff pluse I have to make a heatbox for the plastic. I will share it all, so Stay Tuned where not there yet lots more has to happen, Thanks


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Okay Guys Happy Sunday evening to all, Thanks for the likes and comments helps fuel the fire deep with in me self. So today I just piddlled around doing a bunch of detail work on the boosters also some work on the wings where the engines mate up to the wing area. So here is todays fun happening. Enjoy
Okay Guys seems like I'm snapping pics before the primer is even dry so your getting it as it happens. Still a bunch of this to do just a bit of detail in and on thesee engines also got some detail on the tail to do. Well just to except something my good friend joberg had brought up man I need to really slow down and clean things up and get away from this fuzzy wood. I reallyThank you for your info future builds you will see a diffrence everything from spacing using a gage to keep things in line I have learned a bunch from this build and from you guys like I have said This is what RPF is about making us better makers Thanks again for your expertise on all this. Well Guys Stay Tuned still more happening Thanks

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