Stone Dwarf for DragonCon 2015

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    For DragonCon this year I decided to go as a Stone Dwarf.
    As usual I started way too late and only have about 2 weeks to get everything done.
    I have been growing out my beard for a year just for this costume :D

    This is a creation of my own design, just kind of making it up as I go.
    Everything starts with a base of EVA foam, I cut/glue it into the rough shape I need.
    Then I am using Great Stuff expanding foam to spray over the top of the EVA.
    I then carve it out by hand with a snap-blade utility knife.
    For painting I do a base of solid black, then dry brush with grey and then white.

    Here is what I have so far...


    20150818_212144.jpg 20150818_212206.jpg 20150818_212227.jpg
    20150815_182829.jpg 20150815_182915.jpg
    The horns were purchased from Amazon. If I had more time i would have tried to make them by hand.
    The helmet is a little on the large size, I might try and tweak it in size a little more if I have time.

    20150818_212054.jpg 20150818_212103.jpg
    The hammer is very large, weighs about 5lbs and is very top heavy atm. I might try and add a counterweight to the bottom of the handle.
    I will take some better pictures of the hammer after i get it all painted.

    If I have enough time I want to add more details to everything (metal banding, tacks/rivets, possibly some moss/dirt).
    I still have to make: Bracers, Chest/Back Armor, Leg Armor, Shoulder Armor, Belt and figure out what I am going to wear underneath everything.
    So much to do. So little time. Cry...
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    Oh also, here is a closer detail shot of what the stone/rock effect looks like.
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    Got the hammer finished up last night
    20150819_214526.jpg 20150819_214543.jpg
    Will get some pics holding it. Probably about 4 feet long and weighs around 5 lbs.
    Debating on adding more size the the bottom if I end up having time toward the end of the build.
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    Updating my progress
    20150827_211251.jpg 20150827_211307.jpg
    A little difficult to walk in the boots since the ankle area doesnt really flex, but its manageable.
    I will be finishing up the bracers tonight.

    Stopped by the craft store yesterday and picked up some fabric to make my tunic/tabard. Also got some moss to add to the rocks for a more authentic look.
    Have to figure out my belt situation, probably stop by a couple thrift stores and see if I can find something that will work. Will probably make a large rock buckle to match.

    Under a week to go!
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    Alright... I have all of my main armor pieces done. I was wanting feedback from you guys to decide if I should wear both shoulder pieces or just one.
    Only wearing one shoulder piece definitely allows for more maneuverability and comfort vs wearing both. But i'm concerned it doesn't look as good as wearing both.
    Any opinions?

    2015-08-31 21.37.53.png 2015-08-31 21.38.51.png Both Shoulders
    2015-08-31 21.33.23.png 2015-08-31 21.34.24.png One Shoulder

    I am going to get my tunic started tonight. I'm using a dark green flannel and will be adding some dwarvish designs/runes to it. I'm planning to use silver puff paint for this. I have never used it before so any tips you guys have would be appreciated.

    I will be adding some moss to parts of the armor to make it look a little more like natural weathered stone.
    I'm also planning to add some leather wrapping on parts of the grip of the hammer.
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    Well DragonCon was a success! Had a great time and the costume got lots of compliments.
    10420340_1679347808944264_5566399273576735626_n.jpg 11933472_792607358426_3352514997289870408_n.jpg 11064675_1679346908944354_1766467877871151133_n.jpg
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