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Oh my god it pisses me of to see how many people bought the stolen suit and claim to have bought it before they knew it was stolen. Bull ****. Everyone I see on this fb page have this stupid stolen suit. You deserve more credit @orhader


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Is there any proof that its actually orhaders pattern!

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Are you kidding? Orhadar's muscle contour pattern is very specific and proprietary and easy to identify at a glance. Add to that the fact that Orhadar made plenty of small mistakes on his file compared to the movie suit (crotch seams begin too wide, belt slightly too high, wide shoulder intersections, missing a center ring of webs on the mask) and there's no question that they swiped his file. Also, they've stolen patterns before, which you can find with a cursory search on the forum.


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There are also several others on here who've purchased 3d prints from zentai-zenati. Though not stolen from orhader, i assume they're stolen from someone else.
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I was just asking...
And people answered. What motivation would you have to ask a question like "is there any evidence…" if you don't think there's some doubt involved? There's not. So you got a bit of snark in your replies. Sorry.

More than likely the reason you asked is because you bought a suit made from a stolen file and don't want to feel guilty about it. Well, that's too bad. That's what happens when you don't research things thoroughly. Oh well. Yea, it sucks when someone supports thieves without knowing it, but it's not the end of the world. It's certainly not a reason to call into question the integrity of the board members who are identifying the theft.

There's a couple of ways to get a suit. Either you:
1.) Design the pattern yourself, which costs very little but takes a lot of skill and work
2.) Buy a good file from a designer, which will cost some money but makes things easier on you and supports the artists
3.) Be given a free file from someone outrageously generous like kenlandrum, which is extremely rare because generally artists want to be supported for their work and time.

4.) Steal a pattern/Buy a pattern on the cheap from someone who stole it. Which is the easiest and laziest and least beneficial option for everyone involved in the hobby. It's shortsighted. But we all make mistakes. Generally when people become more educated about how much work goes into a pattern file, this is the option they would no longer consider.
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I was asking because i have my own real orhader print and just wanna know whats the difference between them

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I actually regret asking now. I didnt mean for a big rant to go on
It's fine. Whatever.

Your question just came off as really dismissive of people's ability to use their eyes. "is there any proof?" makes you sound like you're siding with the scammers and giving them the benefit of the doubt (when there isn't any doubt). Why would you 'wanna know the difference' if the entire central axiom of this thread is that there is no difference?

Sorry if my tone is really heated, this is just a long-standing issue that I have no patience for.


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I am on Instagram a lot, and follow Chaosprince, and whenever I search a hashtag of TheAmazingSpiderMan2, I see Orhadars ASM2, USM, and I think I actually saw his Superior but I don't think that one was stolen just yet (Hope it never does).

I asked a few people where they had received it from and did some snooping and creeping and all I see in the comments are ZentaiZentai. Why can't people just either buy a file pattern? It's not that hard, my little cousin searched for a file pattern and found Orhadars website then stumbled onto ZentaiZentai.. he's 12, and he loves cosplaying just as much as I have started to get into the hobby. He even asked me if Orhadar and ZentaiZentai were the same because he saw the file, OBVIOUSLY, I told him no that it was stolen. At least he is on the right side.

I've been following this one kid who made an ASM2 suit from the generic, plain flat style that Zentaizone created, and he made it badace.

People who support ZentaiZentai make me sick. They give cosplaying a bad rep, not willing to pay the extra way to get something golden. I looked on their site, and seen that they add the "extras" like u zippers and wrist and etc, and anyone could get that at a seamstress as long as you tell them.

Why do people want to take the shortcut?

I'll end my rant now, couldn't help but see this posted and wanted to contribute my hate for zentaizentai.


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To add in, I think this is why a lot of artisans lose enthusiasm in releasing their stuff on public. Having someone steal your hard work and sell it as their own is not a good feeling to have. It makes one feel defeated and used. Orhadar used to be responsive on the threads and PMs. But now I rarely see him post. I hope he doesn't lose heart in his craft because I truly admire his work.


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Sadly, it all comes down to money. Personally, I prefer ethical cosplayers.

I'm glad I got to be a member of this forum, otherwise I would've thought ZentaiZentai was my only option, and if I had then after signed up for this forum and found out it was stolen patterns, I would definitely compensate Orhader because that IS the right thing to do. As an artist myself, I respect peoples work, and wouldn't want something like this to continue nor would I like to contribute to thievery.

I'm not a very well financially stable person, since all I could afford at this time was TJacks ASM2 shell and lense combo and know I still would like to start the ASM2 suit with the pattern file I bought, but I know right now I have a budget and need the money, rather than subject myself to something not up to my standards, not saying if ZentaiZentai had good sewing skills on their suits I would buy one, I'm just saying I know the process of making a better suit, from my own experience as a noob on this forum, to looking at Lunamans build, Redtosugas build, as well as everyone's build to know the resources that are available. Where's the fun in purchasing a suit from a business when you can make your own from talented artists.

I thought the whole Colorsuits problem was going to keep going, I haven't heard about them lately, but didn't think a similar problem would occur.

Sure I have to pay at least a good $360 to fix my suit up but paying for a stolen suit at the low price of $120? No, just no. At least ZentaiZone has a better understanding, so far and hopefully they don't resort to stealing to compete with zentaizentai.

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Oh my god it pisses me of to see how many people bought the stolen suit and claim to have bought it before they knew it was stolen. Bull ****. Everyone I see on this fb page have this stupid stolen suit. You deserve more credit @orhader

I tell people on YouTube videos who have gotten their tasm 2 suit from zentai zentai its stolen, and a guy said that its okay? By that dude's logic anything we make isn't our own. Another guy said I was a horrible person. I know people on FB who also bought the suit from zentai zentai and it really does **** me off too.
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