Steve Johnson's Slimer Statue repaint


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I got this "exclusive" statue a while back when the prices came down (this is one of the ones that did NOT come with the DVD, game or anything).

Here it is as it comes (not my picture, just one I found on the internet as I didn't take any pics before the repaint):


The sculpt on Slimer himself is great, but because the whole thing is cast in transparent resin, you really can't make out much of the detail, which is a shame.

So..... I busted out the Humbrol enamels, paint brush and gloss varnish and gave him a repaint. :)



Outstanding! I would love it if you could go into some detail on your painting techniques.

I have the same statue that I acquired off of eBay last year with the intention of repainting it also. My idea wasn't to go as opaque as yours and see if some washes and drushbrushing might bring out some of the details while keeping it translucent and/or UV reactive. I'm not sure if my plan will work out well or not, but I'm eventually going to get around to it. Yours looks amazing though-- great job!
I considered keeping it semi-translucent, but in the end just decided to go all out and paint the whole darn thing.

I started with a base colour of Humbrol 101 Mid Green all over. When dry, this was then heavily dry-brushed over with a mixture of Mid Green and Humbrol 24 Trainer Yellow. When THAT dried, I then did another 2 drybrush coats of Trainer Yellow. I didn't bother with any washes.

The inside of the mouth and tongue where painted with a mix of Humbrol 61 Flesh and 174 Satin Signal Red. This was then drybrushed with the Flesh.

The teeth were painted with Humbrol 34 White. They were then given a wash of 119 Light Earth and then dry brushed with 148 Randome Tan.

The nails were painted with Humbrol 33 Black.

I left the eyes the colours they originally were.

Once all the painting was done and dry, I gave the whole thing a coat of Gloss Wood Varnish to make him look slimy.

I have the Jimmy Flintstone lifesize slimer head and hands on the way to me, so this was sort of a colour test before tackling the bigger piece. :)
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