Stephen King film and TV show props and replicas - what's out there?


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I've been enjoying a Stevie King retrospective recently, revisiting 'Salems Lot, The Stand, The Night Flyer, The Shining, Rose Red, Stand By Me etc.

It got me wondering what related props and replicas are out there in the RPF community?

I'm curious to see what, if anything, people have in their collections.


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There is the photo from the Shining in the paper prop section. A buddy from another board had keyfobs made also. has a Nate costume from Creepshow.

I have a track on the ashtray and comics from Creepshow also. Just saving up now to get them.


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Not sure who made it, but I had a huge resin P.W. the clown head about 10 years ago. Creepy as all hell. Wish I'd never sold it.

I kept a big fishing lure hanging out it's mouth like I'd caught him sewer fishing. :cool

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