Steel Ironman Suit from Steel City

Tiogar Ag Fiach

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Hello from Pittsburgh!

I've been lurking on here for a long time, just recently had time to start on some projects, though. The first one is an attempt to make an Iron Man suit out of full steel.

I started with several different Pepakura files, though most of the ones I'm going to use come from Darkside501st. (Thanks again!).

I decided to do the pep files first, to test the setup and fit of my scaling. Easier to fix paper than metal. :)

I also decided to start with the helm, as it will use all the forming techniques for the whole suit.


The pep for the head fit well. So on to the next step.

Pepakura can export a dxf file, which the CNC plasma system at school uses to generate the g-code for cutting. :)

So after cutting it out:

DSC00076.JPG DSC00075.JPG

I started MIG and TIG welding it. Forgot to switch shield gasses, so there was some porosity I'll have to fix later.


Once that was done, shaping and polishing.



Picture 5.jpg

So after day two, ready to move to the helmet next.

If anyone has any advise, please pass it along. :)


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Are you using a Plannishing Hammer (pneumatic metal shaper) ?

I had alot of Difficulty making my Helmet into metal...
I had limited Resources and Tools to work with.

My recommendations:
Use thin Metal.

Transferring from Paper to Metal will proove very difficult, especially if you cant fold the parts down, to join the edges together.
Put your welds on the inside, for better strength and to hide any imperfections.

Ideally, the Best way to do it, would be a Hydraulic Press. Using positive and negative moulds, and placing a steel sheet in between.
You'll be able to hide the Majority of Imperfections this way, while minimizing the Need to Welded spots.

But again: It Costs ALOT OF MONEY to do that....
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