Steampunk Magneto Cosplay


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Hello all. I'm venturing out on a rather difficult project and I need the help of some who are far more knowledgeable on the subject. I'm looking for patterns, but I know not the names of some of the specific uniforms pieces that I'm going to make. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the name of the pantsand the uniform jacket I need in the fine piece of art work pictured below. Note I'm basing it on this piece of work but subbing my own creative vision in for many pieces. Such as goggles and other various things of that nature. Any recommendations are welcome from the community.
punk magneto.jpg


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The pants look like jodhpurs (the classic military version, not the modern stretchy riding pants). I'm not sure what the jacket is called, but it looks similar to what the comic book version of Bucky Barnes used to wear, so that might be a starting point.

Good luck with this build! I'm excited to see how it goes.