Steampunk Jr. Ghostbusters


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I have been working on some costumes for my girlfriend's young sons. The boys are already huge fanboys at the ages of 7 & 4, which is pretty awesome in my book. They have seen all of the 80's classics and recently have. Come obsessed with the original Ghostbusters movies.
I've been getting interested in Steampunk and after taking the boys to a mini Steampunk con I decided that I'd try and merge some of the things we saw at the con with other things that they were already really into... So, why not Ghostbusters!?
Here is what I've come up with:
For the Proton wands I thought Flintlock pistols would fit a little better into the Steampunk world.
This is the Wand for the 4 year old's Proton Pack.
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This is the Proton Pack that goes with the gun above.
This pack was fashioned completely out of objects I found
at a Goodwill outlet for $.59 per lb. There are lights, sound
effects and even an amplified speaker with Aux hookup to
play music via MP3 player. All in I have less than $5 invested.
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