Steampunk Goggles Full Build


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I wanted to build a set of goggles that were in a steampunk style, so I started by going down to my local Bunnings, grabbing a snag, and bought a pair of welding goggles for the base.
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I then began by taking them apart and giving them a light grey primer coat.

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The flip-up viewing section of the goggles was mainly spray painted with copper, with some sections painted gold.

The main part of the goggles was painted copper


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But that didn't go very well. After leaving it to dry overnight, it was still sticky and hadn't dried properly. This was due to the rubbery material, which didn't hold the paint very well. I ended up having to use sand paper and turpentine to strip the two coats of spray paint off and re-coated it with a single light coat of gold.


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Now it was time to find some small components which would be added onto the goggles to give the "steampunk vibe" a real kick. I went digging through my old box of lego while also hunting through the garage and found some pieces that I could use. Plus, I also found an old phone charger which I cut up.

I painted these items, along with a bunch of other things that I found during the day.


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I wanted to use the old phone charger as some sort of wire which would go from the top of the goggles to the bottom, and decided to connect it using two of the small circular pieces from the goggles. To do this, I needed to drill a hole in each of them which would fit both the ends of the charger.


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With all my components ready, I super-glued them onto the goggles and re-assembled them, being careful not to break any of the newly glued pieces off.

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