Steampunk Communicator - Star Trek

I want to go to there!!!

Seriously - incredible job you've done, there! Thanks for sharing your talent and vision with us.

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Built for the British STEAMPUNK MODELLER publication, this Communicator device is made of wood, metal and electronics. I tried to honor Wah Chang's original minimalist design concept but retro-fit it with the bells and whistles of "steampunk" aesthetics.

A video of it appears here:
Steampunk Communicator / Star Trek - YouTube

I'm currently building a Tricorder to match...


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL work! Both on the communicator as well as your matching tricorder and phaser (which, BTW, I've been eyeing as inspiration for my own planned steampounk'd phaser project).

Cmdr. Billy B.
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HOLY CRAP!!!!! Just got done posting in your tricorder thread, and now I see this! Incredible, fantastic design and building!
I'm not a steam punk fan either, but that communicator is very cool. I think Wah would've liked it quite a bit. :)
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