Steampunk Batman

Darth Mule

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Some friends of mine were talking about doing steampunk JLA characters for Dragon Con this year. Just for the challenge I decided to tackle the Bat. Here's what I came up with... Enjoy!



And just for fun. One with the Steampunk Batvillains!

Nice suit. Kind of like a cross between Gotham by Gaslight and Age of Wonder.


It is actually heavily inspired by "Gaslight"... That and the fact that I've seen half a dozen Steampunk batmen, some of them very good, but none of them without a rubber cowl. I wanted to do leather. Something more period appropriate.
The cowl is actually inspired by WW2 Cap...
I like it alot. Good choice of colour. Love the Inverness/Coachman style cape. I like the leather cowl but I'm not too keen on the exposed ears, maybe some fabric over them and the nape of the neck down under the cape would look better (well to me at least).
Great work all round though!
Awesome work.

I remember seeing some one on a video that made a steampunk batman but had a jetpack and huge wings.
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