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Went yesterday (Saturday) and it was awesome, met lots of people, went on parade through the Bellevue mall, it was awesome, Hamsterstyle has the photo's and video really. Anyone have Fun there too?

Photo's video, POST POST POST!!!



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My friend Ren was there all weekend, signing his books and participating in several panels. He seems to be having so much fun, we haven't even gotten any updates! :lol


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Steamcon: A Seattle Steampunk Convention

CHeck it out, Basically it's the largest steampunk convention in the US, if not the WORLD!!! bum bum BUM!!!

But seriously, it's a fricken blast! Got back from the con, and ran into Phoenix Jones. He asked me to go on Walkabout in Downtown Seattle.

Wicked, that and a blonde nearly tackled me on the way out and started playng with my mustache. Decided to keep it then and there.
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