Steam or fog machine for costume


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Hello everyone, I saw several of you @ dragon con this year. Great con I thought. Anyway, I am working on something special for next year and I need some suggestions for a steam or fog machine that can be battery powered and is light enough and small enough to fit in a back pack. I would prefer is not generate heat. I also must be low cost, like no more than 100.00 bucks. I can build if need be but I do not have any real ideas at this time. Thanks in advance.
And if you need more smoke, there's a trick where circuitboard can be bypassed on the wizard stick to make it crank out more. There was a guy at Dragon Con in the costume panel that just showed off this trick. He's smeeon here on the RPF.
Chris, thanks for the information. As you can guess that project never got off its feet; however, it is still on the list so perhaps next year. We still need to build a vacuum forming machine for that project and we will need a year to make it all come together but it will be cool if we ever get around to it.
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